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Home Care Services

The Adage “home is where the heart is” is especially true when it comes to long term care.  Most Seniors would prefer to receive care at their home for many good reasons. Realizing this fact, there are local and state programs designed to help seniors receive care at home or as coined “age in place”.


P.A. Consulting Services can help you decide if such care type is suitable in your case and help you apply for subsidies like Medicaid Home Care Waiver, Community Resources, or VA Financial Assistance. These programs provide either assistance by subsidizing the cost of home companion and similar type services, provide limited hours of free at home services and meal delivery, or financial stipends.

Assisted Living Facility or Memory Care Facility

Moving to an Assisted Living Facility or to one that is licensed to provide Memory Care Services, could be the right decision for many seniors.  These facilities provide camaraderie, entertainment, safety and care under one roof.  A senior might not be able to stay at their home for a number of reasons.  For example, It may not be financially feasible to pay for 24 hour care at home, or a decline in cognitive ability or physical safety concerns.  These issues and others might make the decision to move a facility necessary.  

P.A. Consulting Services can help you find the right facility, point you to resources, such as
Care Oversight and programs to help pay for the cost of care.  These programs include the Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver Program or VA benefits if applicable.

Nursing Home Care

The choice to place a loved one in a nursing home facility can be extremely difficult for many.

The reason for choosing a nursing home over assisted living might be varied. Unfortunately, it could even be financial.  The out of pocket cost for Nursing Home care could be less than the cost for Assisted Living Facility.  Why? The Medicaid program for nursing home care is based on the Federal Government formula of the applicant’s monthly income, less an allowance, equals the applicant’s responsibility or share to pay the nursing facility. 

This formula, while makes complete sense, is not the same formula used by the States for their Assisted Living Medicaid Program.  States are allowed to set up their own Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver Program.  For example, in Florida, the  Waiver Program typically covers the level of care cost at the facility.  However, the applicant is required to pay the room and board portion of the bill.  If the client cannot afford the room and board cost for a selected facility, then the Medicaid Waiver is not sufficient.  This is especially true for lower income seniors.  While some facilities do not separate the room and board portion of the monthly bill, and simply subtract a contracted Medicaid rate, it may still not be sufficient for a lower income senior.  Considering the rising cost of Assisted Living Facility Charges, many seniors have no choice but to go to a nursing home when requiring care outside of their home.

Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living

What is the difference in care for Nursing Home versus Assisted Living? Overall the main difference is that nursing homes provide personal and medical care in a clinical setting, while assisted living primarily provides personal care in a home-like social setting.  While there are some conditions and needs that cannot be met in assisted living, individuals requiring intermittent medical care can sometimes be provided in assisted living. Since assisted living attempts to maximize quality of life by providing a more independent  lifestyle, it is usually preferred over a nursing home.

P.A. Consulting can help you make an unbiased decision on your choice of care and location. We can assist with
placement into the right facility for your loved one and provide Care Oversight, being an advocate of their bill of rights.

Where To Receive Care

When you or your loved one begins to require assistance, where is it best to receive care? The answer is, it depends.  Everyone is different, so it often depended on a number of factors, including, the type of care needed, financial circumstances or preparation and personal choice.  For example, you or a loved one might prefer to stay at home as long as possible and have a long term care insurance or the financial assets and income to cover the cost.  Yet others may require care that can only be provided in a clinical setting like a nursing home.  Still others are lonely at home and would prefer to be in a social setting with other seniors.  These and other factors will need to be considered when choosing where to best receive long term care.  Consider the following categories and how P.A. Consulting can help.

P.A.Consulting Placement Assistance

As part of our Lifetime Senior Support Services, P.A. Consulting will assist individuals with placement into a nursing home or assisted living for individuals applying or already on Medicaid. We can help you find the right location or relocation.  We can assist with negotiations or applying for financial assistance programs like Medicaid or VA benefits.

Free Concierge Placement Assistance

There are a number of companies that provide free placement assistance for seniors seeking placement in an Assisted Living Facility.  These companies can provide invaluable aid in finding the right place for you or your loved one. Many have intimate knowledge of each facility, including the level of care that each can provide. They are aware of the cost and can often negotiate on your behalf. So whether it may be arranging for a tour or assisting with the admission process, helping you arrange your move, selling your home or resources to help you with the future cost of your stay in a facility, hiring a concierge placement assistance company, may be your best decision, and most of all it is usually free to you.

View a couple Free Concierge Placement Assistance companies in our area.

Self Search

If you are the type to go it alone, or do your own research, you can click on this Self-Search link to find a list of facilities in our area.  While ratings are very important, it is good to keep in mind that ratings may not always tell the full story whether it is high or low.  It is sometimes best to do additional research. 

For those who may not have the time or knowledge of the area, relying on the experience of professionals who provide free concierge placement assistance might be the best choice.

Click on the
Concierge Placement link for more information.

Placement Assistance

As we age the possibility of requiring long term care in a facility becomes likely.  The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services states that 7 out of 10 seniors will require long term care.  Finding the right care option and facility can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you are not left alone, you have at least the following three resources:

When you choose P.A Consulting Services

We can help you with services and decisions that are often left up to you by most other firms. Those services could include care oversight and to be there as your advocate.  We can assist with completing your annual Medicaid Recertification.  We can help you choose the best place for your care level needs, and assist with the transfer process as needed, i.e. from an Assisted Living Facility to a Nursing Home or vice versa.  Including arranging for you to return to your home with the services that you need to be safe at home.  For more information on how we may assist you with your day to day activities, please visit our Professional Relative Program.

Lifetime Support

When you choose P.A. Consulting Services, to assist you with your long term care needs, you are not getting a one time service, such as Medicaid Application filing.  We are here for a lifetime to provide the support you need. 

We can help you with services and decisions that are often left up to you by most other firms. Those services could include care oversight and to be there as your advocate.  We can assist with completing your annual Medicaid Recertification.  We can help you choose the best place for your care level needs, and assist with the transfer process as needed, i.e. from an Assisted Living Facility to a Nursing Home or vice versa.  Including arranging for you to return to your home with the services that you need to be safe at home.  For more information on how we may assist you with your day to day activities, please visit our Professional Relative.

Government Entities

P.A. Consulting Services often communicates and/or refers its customers to a number of government entities that provide assistance to the elderly.  Please see the list of agencies to the left.


Department of Children & Families (Medicaid Eligibility Office)

Department of Elder Affairs

Agency For Health Care Administration

Statewide Medicaid Managed Care

Agency For Persons With Disabilities

Social Security Administration

Veterans Administration

Non Profits

There are a number of non profit organizations in the State of Florida that provide assistance to the elderly. Depending on which County you reside, you will need to become familiar with the agency that is assigned to provide certain types of assistance.  Some of these entities are contracted by the State of Florida or local county government to provide tasks or services that were once provided by a State Agency.  This can be confusing for new residents of Florida or those that move from one County to another.  

P.A. Consulting Services can help you locate the right non profit organization for the services you are seeking.


In some situations, it is necessary to hire a qualified Elder Law or Estate Planning attorney.   Attorneys can prepare estate planning or other documents that you may need for the Medicaid application or to avoid future challenges.  


P.A. Consulting is not a lawyer referral service, however, we are happy to provide feedback on attorneys that our clients have used in the past with great success.  You can also visit the Florida Bar at for a referral, or a list of attorneys in your area.

Tax Preparer

“Am I required to file taxes?” is probably ranked amongst the leading questions that most seniors ask. The answer to this question and other tax questions are best answered by a licensed tax preparer.  P.A. Consulting will be happy to share the names of a few that our customers have used with positive feedback.

ATS – A Tax Shelter

Accounting Associates

Self Search

The needs of the elderly require extensive knowledge from trained and licensed professionals.  While P.A. Consulting tries to stay abreast of programs and have tremendous knowledge in the area of aging and benefits for seniors, P.A. Consulting recognizes that some needs can and should be met by other licensed professionals.  Additionally, there are other agencies and government entities that provide information and resources without cost.  The links to the left are examples of important resources and referrals that may assist you or your loved one make wise decisions.  It is our hope that we all can play our individual part in improving the lives of Seniors in our lovely Sunshine State.

What Our Customers Say!


Mr. Donovan is a business consulting professional who has demonstrated excellent skills in identifying and presenting solutions for me in a comprehensive and detailed manner. More importantly he was able to address my concerns in detail and provided advice or suggestions accordingly due his knowledge of the various industries in his practice.


I will do everything in my power to make sure everyone knows the benefit to using you, such as protecting the first month, affordable cost, honesty, integrity and being the only planner in 11 years who hasn’t burned me in some type of way.


As a Social Worker, my concerns and compassion extends from my residents to their entire family, but sometimes their financial needs are beyond my expertise. P A Consultant has proven themselves to be the go to team to assist our residents and family in all of their financial needs. They provide services in the spirit of excellence and they go out of their way to keep communication crystal clear. Not only do I refer our resident's family to P A Consultant, I refer my own family and friends to them.


Before I found them, I spent over six months researching, making phone calls, filling out applications (and getting denied), and generally trying to figure out what to do for my grandmother on my own. Once I started working with Donovan and Gracie, they helped me get her approved for Medicaid, work out her financials, and get placement in a nursing home in less than three months.


Family and Eldercare Specialists have done a good job in providing family-like support to my brother since his admission to a long-term care facility. With no family in the immediate area to look in on him they have filled the need for support above and beyond what the facility provides. Providing visits every two weeks, bringing snacks and an occasional pizza, getting needed clothing and personal items has all been much appreciated by me since I live too far away to do that myself. I would highly recommend their services to those that find themselves in similar circumstances


We highly recommend Donovan Thompson and PA Consulting Services. When our mom suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in 2019, we were overwhelmed. The prognosis for a full recovery was poor. Having lived independently up until the stroke, mom now had to enter long-term nursing care. Lacking the resources for such care, we turned to Donovan and PAC.

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