We are a team of professionals dedicated to helping those with loved ones in a nursing home or going into a nursing home to qualify for Florida Medicaid. We are a filing company working closely with licensed professionals to give you complete information, satisfaction and protection. There are many various strategies to preserve assets and qualify for the Florida Medicaid Program.*

We can assist with the following:

1. Complete and submit application for Medicaid benefits for either Nursing Home Care, Assisted Living/Memory Care or Home Care Services

2. Assist in obtaining verifications needed by the DCF (Medicaid Office)

3. Submit requested verifications to DCF (Medicaid Office) for application approval.

4. Assist with completion of the Medicaid Evaluation by the Department of Elder Affairs (CARES)

5. Provide information and/or assist with the Medical Assessments required for Waivers with Area Office on Aging, Senior Connections or any other sub agency contracted with the State of Florida.

6. Assist with the enrollment process to a Florida Managed Care Plan after Medical Approval.

7. Assist with placement and transfers to a Nursing Home, Assisted Living, or Home Care Services

8. Report changes to DCF as they occur

9. Complete the annual recertification for Medicaid Benefit
10. Additional services as required or requested.

* In Some situations it is necessary to seek the advice and assistance from a qualified Elder Law Attorney before or a part of the application process.  P.A. Consulting Services can assist you with locating one that meet our needs.

Medicaid is a federal program that provides medical insurance for seniors and families who are uninsured or underinsured who meet certain eligibility criteria.  There are different types of Medicaid, depending on your age and circumstances.

For Seniors without sufficient income or long term care insurance, Medicaid is usually the only option to assist with the cost of receiving medical or custodial care at home or in a long term care facility. Medicaid can act as a medical Insurance, a long term care insurance, prescription or other services.  Medicaid does not replace Medicare.  It is often used in conjunction with Medicare. Medicaid helps those in need by providing coverage for certain medical services and prescriptions that Medicare may not. 

There is an application process you’ll need to go through, and you will need to meet certain income and asset limitations in order to qualify. If you do qualify for Medicaid, it’s a good way to ensure that you have the quality senior citizen health insurance you need. Contact us today to take you through the process.

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